One to One Laptop Initiative

  • Beginning in January of 2020, our district will launch a one-to-one technology initiative. This initiative will contribute positively to our global society by providing each student in grades 9 through 12 with a Dell Latitude Laptop computer.

    This laptop will be checked out to each student like a textbook and will provide you the same programs and internet access that you have in a computer lab at school. 

    You will be able to take your laptop home every day and keep it over the summer to work on your assignments, take notes, enhance your computer skills, and have information available at your fingertips! 

    You may ask yourself, why is the district doing this? Most jobs and careers require technological skills, including graphic design, conducting research, understanding analytics, developing social media platforms, and using the tools of the trade, such as Microsoft Office and proper digital communication.

    Having a laptop and access to technology is required in colleges, universities, and the professional world. It will enhance our work and help us develop marketable skills as students and employees of the future.

    It will be your responsibility to take care of the laptop and bring it to school every day. Remember the laptop is checked out to you, it is school property and needs to be stored in the protective case when not in use.

    More information will be provided to you through the district website, where you will find a Q&A page as well as videos to enhance your experience.

    For middle school students in grades 6 to 8 and elementary students grades 3 to 5, don’t worry! Our goal is to have a laptop for you by the year 2022.

    Please make sure to complete the “Laptop Distribution Agreement,” which needs a signature from you and your parent/guardian. Once the document has been submitted, you can trade it in for a laptop.

    Superintendent Bassett often says that ֱ takes pride in unlocking the inner genius in every student. With the right tools and the motivation to make learning fun and meaningful, nothing will stop ֱ students from reaching our potential and becoming the global leaders of tomorrow!