Fiscal Services

  • Through our commitment to excellence and the highest degree of integrity the goal of the Fiscal Services department strives to provide the Fontana community, Board of Education, and district administration accurate financial information and services.  We develop and produce the district budget and other financial documents along with associated state and federal reports while rigorously complying with all applicable accounting principles. With the objective to safeguard the district's resources, other accounting functions are performed which include accounts payable, accounts receivable, attendance, payroll, and benefit functions.  These activities are provided with an emphasis on professional service, assistance, clarification, and cooperation to benefit the entire district and its focus on student achievement.

    Fiscal Services is Comprised of: 

    Accounts Payable and Receivable

    Cathy Santilli, Supervisor
    (909) 357-5000, ext. 29030 


    Matuguina, Mrs. Traci

    Traci Matuguina, Coordinator
    (909) 357-5000, ext. 29165

    Grants and Fund Development

    Errol Glenn, Director

    Errol Glenn, Director
    (909) 357-5000, ext. 29459


    Abby Mendoza

    Abby Mendoza, Payroll Supervisor
    Ruth Jaurigue, Clerk Typist
    (909) 357-5000, ext. 29356

    Department Contacts:

    Fiscal Services  (909) 357-5000, ext. 29145

    Mercedez Aviles-Santos
    Mercedez Aviles-Santos, Assistant Director

    (909) 357-5000, ext. 29146

    Valerie Simo, Administrative Secretary
    (909) 357-5000, ext. 29145

    Jackie Segura, Electronic Data Analyst
    (909) 357-5000, ext. 29157

    Stephanie Cluff, Fiscal Technician 
    (909) 357-5000, ext. 29059

    Fiscal Analysts:

    Lorena Chacon - Special Education/Categorical
    (909) 357-5000, ext. 29149

    Priscilla Heredia - Fund 11/Categorical/General Fund JHHS, Summit, Sequoia, Southridge & Truman
    (909) 357-5000, ext. 29150

    Tami Ortiz - General Fund/General Fund for Kaiser, Alder, Citrus High & Birch
    (909) 357-5000, ext. 29152

    Veronica Lorenzana - Facilities/Categorical/General Fund for Fohi, A.B. Miller, Fontana Middle & Ruble
    (909) 357-5000, ext. 29240

    Karen McClanahan - Fund 13/Categorical
    (909) 357-5000, ext. 29148

    Maria Castro - Attendance
    (909) 357-5000, ext. 29128

    Apiradee Thongsiri - Early Education/Categorical
    (909) 357-5000, ext. 29151