INTRA and INTER District Transfer Information

  • The ֱ (FUSD) is committed to providing a quality education for all District students. All INTRA-District (for within FUSD) transfer requests and INTER-District (for outside of FUSD) transfer or release requests will be approved or denied based on enrollment capacity, in accordance with the law, Board policy, and administrative regulation. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below for more information. Additional questions not answered below can be sent to


  • Please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below and then select the correct transfer type using the pictures below.  


  • 1. What is an INTRA-District Transfer?

  • 2. How Do I Apply for an INTRA-District Transfer?

  • 3. What is an INTER-IN? (Transfer TO ATTEND FUSD)

  • 4. What is an INTER-OUT? (Release TO ATTEND OTHER DISTRICT)

  • 5. How do I fill out an INTER-OUT form? (Release TO ATTEND OTHER DISTRICT)

  • 6. What if an INTER-District Transfer or Release is denied by FUSD?

  • 7. What if the INTER-District Transfer or Release is denied by my district of residence, not by FUSD?


    The following schools have restrictions on transfers:

    Sierra Lakes Elementary School

    Fontana Middle School

    Wayne Ruble Middle School

    Summit High School


    Transfer requests will be reviewed for the following situations only IF space is determined to be available:

    •  Sibling - The students/siblings must both attend the same school in the same school year,
    • District Employment - The student's parent/guardian must be employed the district AND assigned to the requested school as the employee's primary place of employment for the requested school year.


    Select the Correct Type of Transfer (click on the image):

    INTRA District Transfer (From a Fontana District School Site to another Fontana District School Site)


    2024-2025 (school starts August 5, 2025)   

    For questions, please contact Child Welfare and Attendance mainline at 909-357-5000 extension 29081


    2025-2026 (next academic year) -

    Transfer requests for this time period will begin on January 14, 2025.

    Note: Submit the request between January 14–February 14, 2025, to receive a decision before the start of the next academic year.


    IMage of INTRA district transfer for 2025-2026 school year



    INTER-OUT: From the Fontana District OUT to Another District


    INTER-IN: From Another District IN to the Fontana District

    Please contact the student's current "home district" first.

    image for an INTER-IN

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