Emergency Information

  • First, prepare at home!

    • Review your family's emergency plan.
    • Talk with your children about what to do if a disaster occurs while they're at school.
    • Make sure your children's school emergency cards list your most up-to-date work, home and mobile numbers.
    • Make sure you list relatives or others who are authorized to pick up your children from school in case of emergency.

    Schools are the safest places to be in an emergency. Each school has a disaster preparedness plan, with teachers, administrators and other personnel trained to supervise, counsel and care for students. School buildings must comply with strict earthquake and fire safety standards.

    Students practice emergency drills regularly. Our schools participate in monthly, quarterly or annual drills to prepare for emergencies. Ask you children to show you how to "drop, cover and hold" or to cover your cough.

    School evacuation plans are ready. School staff will follow an orderly plan to make sure that each child is released at a specified location on campus to a parent, relative or person designated on the student's emergency card.

    Shelter-in-place plans are ready. Schools are equipped with emergency supplies. School buildings comply with strict safety codes, and are often the safest buildings in our communities. School staff will ensure that students are supervised until it is safe to release them or until you or your designee arrive.

    Stay informed. If an emergency occurs, school staff will concentrate on keeping children safe. Phone lines may not be working. FUSD will make every effort to keep you informed by other means, including KFON-TV and this website.

    In the Event of a District Emergency

    In the event of an emergency disaster, our Emergency Operations Center will be activated. We will be linked to local fire, police and medical personnel. Because of the nature of some disasters, it is important that parents are aware of the following guidelines:

    1. Do not call your child on a cell phone.
    2. For information, call the District Office at (909) 357-5000 or (909) 357-7600. We will make every effort to have individuals available to answer your questions. In the event phones are not operating, information will be broadcast through local radio and TV stations.
    3. Information updates will be broadcast at regular determined intervals not more than every three hours.
    4. We will determine, with local emergencies agencies, the safest course of action for your child’s well-being. Sometimes, it is not safe or feasible to pick-up your child where you usually pick them up.
    5. Please be aware that for the safety of your child, we will take precautions to make sure that your child is released with proper identification and documentation.


    District Emergency Plan

    The emergency component is a multi-hazard emergency plan with contingencies for dealing with a variety of situations. Our priorities are:

    1. Protect the lives of students and staff
    2. Provide for the needs of survivors in a disaster.
    3. Provide information to students, parents, and guardians.
    4. Protect property.
    5. Restore school operations.